Seafood specialist

More than a century of experience in seafood, translates into the best selection of fish and shellfish at your disposal, both from our coasts and from any other part of the world. Our specialty is seafood from the coast of Huelva and those of the Mozambique Channel. Both are the best that can be found in each category. If you are looking for any product that we do not have, ask us and we will try to get it.

We specialize in all kinds of seafood, always of the best quality, from the sea to your table.

If you are looking for the best of the sea to take home, we are your best choice. If you prefer a restaurant where you can taste it on the spot, while enjoying a pleasant, quality meal at a good price, come visit us. If you are a lover of the world of boats and navigation, visit our naval modeling section. If you need nautical decoration items for your home, your boat or your business, look no further and come see us.