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Welcome to our Marisco Romero cooker. Our Specialty is seafood from de coast of Huelva and those of the Mozambique Channel. Both are the best that can be found in each category.
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We specialize in all kinds of fresh and frozen seafood. Our specialties are Mozambique prawns and the shrimp and langoustines from the Huelva Coast. If you can't find what you're looking for, just let us know and we'll locate it for you.

Welcome to Mariscos Romero

Seafood Specialists

More than a century of experience in seafood products translates into the best selection of fish and seafood available to you, both from our coasts and from any other part of the world. Our specialties are the seafood from the Huelva coast and those from the Mozambique Channel. Both are the best that can be found in each category. If you're looking for any product that we don't have, just ask us and we'll try to get it for you.

We specialize in all kinds of seafood, always of the best quality, from the sea to your table.

If you're looking for the best seafood to take home, we are your best choice. If you prefer a restaurant where you can enjoy it on-site while having a pleasant, quality meal at a good price, come visit us. If you're a lover of the world of boats and sailing, visit our naval modeling section. If you need nautical decoration items for your home, boat, or business, look no further and come see us.

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Our History

Quality, pleasure and craftsmanship

For over 70 years, we have always been your best choice, both for the quality of our products, as well as our prices and good treatment of our customers. Throughout all those years, our business, which is also our home, has become a family tradition, passed down from generation to generation and improving with age like good wine, and the hallmark of our company has become synonymous with quality, pleasure, and craftsmanship.

Our facilities were initially a factory for canning and salting fish, which is why in our family circles we refer to them as “the factory”.

With his own fleet of fishing boats, which was also the origin of my father, Juan Manuel, hobby for naval modeling, during those years we dedicated ourselves to the distribution throughout the peninsula of fresh and canned fish, and of fresh and cooked seafood, later going to direct sale to the public of cooked seafood, which is currently our main activity.

New Instalations

We have refurbished our seafood cooking facility and transformed it into a much larger and comfortable restaurant to provide better service. We also have a much more elaborate menu where, in addition to our well-known cooked seafood, we have included a wide selection of dishes to be enjoyed here or taken home. Would you like to take a look at our menu?



Shall we talk?

If you are interested in purchasing any products from our seafood cooking facility or trying items from our kitchen menu, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist and advise you.

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